Can someone see if you really like them?

Can someone see if you really like them?

Yes, simply liking someone does not automatically make them a match. It does, however, indicate the other person that you really loved them, so they can choose between right swiping and knowing it'll be a match or left swiping since they've opted not to "like" you back. If no one likes you, you will be ghosted.

The way people display their emotions is through body language. The same goes for love. If someone is good at reading others, they could tell how you feel about them by watching your body language. Your expression, such as smiling or frowning, may also give away your emotion. However, some people find this method of reading minds difficult so they look at other ways of interpreting body language.

For example, if you are feeling shy and want to appear more confident, you might cross your arms in front of you or hold your head high. All of these actions would show someone that you are indeed confident even if you aren't actually feeling that way inside. On the other hand, if you are feeling angry and want to convey that message to those around you, you might punch a wall or yell loudly enough for everyone to hear. These are just some examples of possible behaviors for expressing yourself emotionally. There are many more, but this should get you started.

People learn different ways of communicating their feelings to each other. Some use words, while others don't.

Can you super like super like?

When viewing a Tinder profile, you may Super Like them by tapping the blue star. Because Super Likes cannot be saved, there is no incentive to try to store them for days and then go on a Super Like binge. This feature was introduced in 2015.

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