Did Pete Wicks cheat on Megan McKenna and Chloe Sims?

Did Pete Wicks cheat on Megan McKenna and Chloe Sims?

Jake's tenure on TOWIE was mostly defined by his on-again, off-again romance with Chloe Lewis and his suspected infidelity on her. In an emotional session on a park bench, he eventually (sort of) admitted to doing the dirty with Megan McKenna. However, this wasn't the first time he'd been caught out by Chloe - she saw him kissing another woman during his stint on Marriage Lines.

Pete Wicks was born on 16th February 1984 in Northampton, England. He was raised by his single mother after his father walked out when he was just two years old. To make ends meet, his mom worked several jobs including one at Tesco where she met another employee, Alfie Moon. The two men fell in love and got married but it didn't last long as Pete's mother had other ideas about who she wanted her son to marry. Soon after, they divorced and his mother moved with her son to Portugal where they would live for several years.

When Pete turned 18, he decided to move back to Britain and look for work. It wasn't easy since he didn't have any qualifications or experience but he managed to find a job as an assistant manager at a Hooters restaurant. Within a few months, he was promoted to head chef which meant he wouldn't have to work so hard anymore. However, things went wrong when the owner of the restaurant was charged with sexual harassment toward some of his employees.

Does Chloe sleep with Pete?

He just acknowledged to sleeping with her for the last two years. TOWIE's Pete Wicks has ruled out marriage with co-star Chloe Sims in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Daily. The pair are known for their on-screen relationship in the series and they have been dating for two years now.

Pete said: "We're really happy together and don't see why anyone would want to get married when there's no need to." He continued: "Chloe makes my life a lot easier because she doesn't work and we can focus all our time on TOWIE."

When asked if he planned to marry Chloe, Pete replied: "No, not at the moment."

Chloe also had some things to say about getting married on TOWIE. She said: "I don't know when we'll get married but I do love him and I'm sure one day we will."

Towie is a celebrity reality television show that focuses on the lives of its contestants, most of whom are actors or actresses. It has been running since 2009 and it is based on the original British series by Chris Tarrant. There are currently seven seasons available on Netflix.

Did Kyle really cheat on Amanda twice?

While the second infidelity charge is only a hearsay, Kyle previously admitted to cheating on Amanda on the program and again on Watch What Happens Live. Kyle said on the episode, "I was absolutely blacked out intoxicated." He also added that he feels terrible about himself and Amanda.

Amanda later tweeted, "If there's one thing I've learned in this business it's that people will say anything to get attention... Especially when they have no life to speak of."

She went on to tell her followers that she has forgiven Kyle for his indiscretions and that they remain good friends today.

Kyle broke up with Amanda after finding out that she had hired a private investigator to look into his past relationships. Apparently, she did this so she would not be surprised if some old photos or recordings came up during the investigation.

They both agreed that it was best that they end their engagement because neither one of them wanted what happened last time to happen again. However, it appears as though Kyle may have changed his mind since then as he has been seen kissing another woman, model Emily Ratajkowski, at several events recently.

It seems like everyone is doing it so maybe there's something about being married that makes people want to act badly toward each other.

Did Jake cheat on Hannah Montana?

Miley discovers she loves Jake more at the conclusion of the episode and reinforces her relationship with him. In "It's the End of Jake as We Know It," Jake is discovered to be cheating on Miley after a bandmate/friend of Oliver's takes a picture of Jake with another female. Player A has the option of serving from anyplace behind her baseline, between the right singles line and the center mark. To serve, toss the ball into the air and strike it with the racquet. The serve must be struck before the ball bounces, and it must land diagonally opposite her in the service box.

Lilly moves home with Miley in season three after her mother relocates to Atlanta for a job. Miley and Lilly are virtually sisters at this point, so living together was nothing out of the ordinary. Until it was, of course, and Miley became envious of her bestie.

Who did Jeremy Kyle cheat on his wife with?

Carla and English polo player James Carr, 25, were allegedly having an affair while Jeremy Kyle was shooting in America. The toyboy polo player said he had at least 20 affairs with Jeremy's 40-year-old wife while the talk show presenter was filming abroad. He also claimed that he once saw her breast milk drip into a glass of champagne.

He told Britain's Daily Mail: "I have been unfaithful to Carla. I have slept with more than 20 women. Some people might say that's not much but to me it is. She knows about every one of them and has never complained."

Jeremy, who has three children with Carla, met James when they worked together on a polo tournament in America. The couple soon started dating and became close friends with Carla and her husband also being involved in the sport. When Jeremy returned from America, he asked Carla to marry him but she turned him down. In the end, they both decided to go their separate ways and stopped seeing each other for several years.

They finally got back together in 2009 and were married two years later. But just like most marriages, it wasn't perfect and within a few months of getting hitched, they went out on another affair. This time, though, it was more serious and ended up becoming a pregnancy. They found out they were expecting a baby boy and named him Jack.

Did Louise cheat on Andy?

Her relationship with Andy Jordan ended earlier this year when she spent the evening at the home of a well-known boy band member. On Monday's episode of Made in Chelsea, Louise Thompson was forced to acknowledge that she had slept with "that guy" shortly after her divorce from Andy.

The couple married in April 2015 and the next month, Louise gave birth to their son, Poppy. In January 2016, it was announced that they had divorced after two years of marriage. She has not spoken publicly about her ex-husband since then and the Made in Chelsea cast members are not supposed to mention him or his family during season 6.

In May 2017, it was reported that Louise had started dating Andy's former bandmate, James Middleton. The pair were seen canoodling at London nightclub Groucho Club early in June and it appears that they have now become an official couple.

Louise and James first met while Andy was still married to Louise. It is unknown what type of relationship the three men had before then but it seems like they all became good friends after splitting up with Jessica.

It was also reported that James cheated on Louise with another woman named Chloe Goodman. They were photographed together outside Charing Cross Station in London but later in the day, they both went inside the station without each other.

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