How do I find the right glasses for my face?

How do I find the right glasses for my face?

Remember that opposites attract when looking for the ideal frames. Choose frames that contrast with your face characteristics and add symmetry and balance to your major features. You may virtually try on hundreds of eyeglass frames at Eyeconic to determine which designs match your appearance.

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right frame is your facial shape. There are three main types of faces: square, round, and angular. Find a frame that fits snugly but not overly tightly across the forehead and cheeks. Avoid large frames that cover up entire areas of the face or small frames that look like they were made for someone else.

Frames should be chosen according to their contour, or silhouette. This includes the outline of the frame itself as well as the area inside the frame where the lenses would be found if it had any glass in it. Try on several pairs of frames to find one that suits your face best. You can also use visual cues to identify a good fit; does the frame feel tight or comfortable? Is there any movement visible when you walk around? If you have any doubts about how a frame looks on you, just ask one of our staff members to help you out.

Finally, pay attention to the materials used to make the frame. Wood frames are classic and traditional, while plastic and metal are more modern.

How do I choose new glasses?

Are you considering getting new glasses? 5 Steps to Selecting the Best Frames

  1. Think About Face Shape. Frames that contrast with the shape of your face tend to look better than those that reinforce it.
  2. Shop Your Style.
  3. Take Your Measurements.
  4. Pick the Right Prescription Lenses.
  5. Use Your Vision Insurance Benefits.

What is the best style of glasses for my face shape?

Find round or oval-shaped eyeglass frames that are thin and softly tinted to appear your finest and brightest. Bottom-heavy frames, big frames, and frames with a lot of design components should be avoided. The idea is to bring emphasis to the top of your face while also adding balance to its breadth. This makes frames with large lenses or heavy metal components look out of place on your face.

If you have a square face shape, opt for rectangular frames. They fit your face better and give you a more polished appearance. If you like bold colors, go for red, blue, green, or purple; if you're more subdued, stick to black, white, silver, or gray. Avoid deep colors in general; they can make your face look heavier than it is.

For a slightly rounded face shape, choose frames with curved lines or gentle angles. These soften the appearance of your face and make you look less angular. If you have a very rounded face shape, go for circles or spheres. They draw attention away from your chin and nose and focus on your eyes.

Finally, for a straight, narrow face shape, frames with sharp edges and small details are perfect. These make your face look thinner and help reduce the overall width of your appearance.

Overall, round, slightly rounded, or straight-faced glasses are ideal for balancing out your face shape.

Which glass frames are best for you?

1. Square Eyeglasses—the Perfect Fit for Round Faces Your finest matches are rectangular and square-shaped glasses. Wayfarer sunglasses are flattering. Wider frames offer more balance to your delicate features, accentuate your face, and even make it look longer and leaner. They're the perfect fit for round faces.

2. Rectangular Glasses—Best for Strong Features You're a strong, sturdy person who doesn't need anything flashy to show it. Solid colors such as black or brown are most flattering on your personality. Rectangular frames with sharp corners give you a more aggressive appearance.

3. Oval Eyeglasses—Perfect for Fine Features Who wants to appear gentle and refined? An oval frame is very flattering on your face because it balances out your curves and offsets your small features. It makes you look graceful and elegant.

4. Round Eye-catching Frames—Great for Tall Men With round faces and tall bodies, eye-catching frames are perfect. Gold, silver, and copper are all good choices for men of size. Make sure they aren't too large, though; they should be slightly smaller than your normal size so that you don't look boxy.

5. Flat Eyeglasses—For Those Who Want To Be Taken Seriously If you want people to take you seriously, then flat frames are for you. They project an image of wealth and privilege without being overbearing.

How do you find the size of your eyeglasses?

To choose a frame that fits your size, you must first determine the frame's dimensions. To do so, please refer to the diagram below and measure it as follows: If you wear spectacles and already have a pair on hand, examine the inside side of the temples (arms) of those glasses. You will usually find there a number of measurements listed in millimeters. These are the dimensions you need to know.

Now that you know the length and width of your frame, you can choose a size based on these measurements. The most common sizes are listed below. However, since each person's face is different, it's best to try on several frames until you find one that fits comfortably.

Frame Size

Medium = 22-25 mm long x 9-10 mm wide

Large = 27-30 mm long x 11-12 mm wide

X-Large = 33-35 mm long x 13-15 mm wide

Choose a size larger than your normal size for a looser fit. A loose fit allows for greater comfort while wearing glasses.

If you have an eye exam with our optometrists, they will be able to tell you your correct frame size. They may also be able to suggest some brands and styles that match your face shape.

How are glasses supposed to fit?

Your spectacles should be centered in your face, no higher than your brows. Your frames should be the same width as your face at the temples, with enough space on the sides to avoid digging in or leaving marks. A good pair of glasses will give you a sense of visual equilibrium. They shouldn't make you feel like you need reading glasses when you get up close to the screen.

If you wear your glasses all day long, it's important that they fit properly. If they are too tight around your ears or nose, this can cause headaches and even damage your hearing. Be sure to take off your glasses every night and put them away carefully each morning so they don't get scratched or damaged in any other way.

Glasses stores often have specialists who can help you find the correct size frame for your face. You may want to ask one of these experts how wide their recommended range is for each model number. This will help ensure you don't buy an old frame that's been stretched out by previous owners.

You should also check the label on your current glasses case to see if there is any information about sizing. Some cases only fit certain types of glasses, so be sure to check before you buy another case.

Finally, try on several pairs of glasses with the same type of frame from different brands. This will help you find ones that fit properly but still look like a part of you.

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