What was your reply to the girl?

What was your reply to the girl?

"How was your day?" is preferable. The solution is simpler. "Thank you for making my day." Or simply, "Fine, thank you." Is it ever appropriate to ask a female what's wrong? Certainly not. It's inappropriate even in some cases where men might be allowed some leeway (such as when a woman is crying). However, if she says something's wrong, it's acceptable to ask why.

In general, don't assume anything about a person's emotional state. Just because they appear fine on the outside doesn't mean that they're not experiencing pain or sadness inside. Asking allows them to talk about their feelings and maybe get some help if they need it. There are many different ways of showing empathy and understanding, but asking questions is certainly one of them.

What to reply when a girl asks: "How was your day?"?

If you answer the question and inquire about her day, she will respond and build on it. If you're trapped there, listen to anything else she says other how her day is going. Typically, the dialogue will go something like this: "Hey, how was your day?" she asks. You can reply with an overview of your day or ask more specific questions such as "what did you do today?" or "who did you work with?"

The most important thing is that you be natural and not come off as a robot. Women love talking about themselves and their feelings, so take advantage of this fact and ask thoughtful questions. Also remember to maintain a healthy amount of distance between you two; don't get too close or it might scare her away.

How is your life going right now?

"It's been going quite well," is an awkward response. "Okay," "Not too awful," or "Just fine" might be more natural. "You?" or "And you?" or "And with you?" can be used after any of these. So, something along the lines of, "Okay, thanks for asking. And yourself?" or "Well, I'm good - how 'bout you?" might work.

These are all acceptable answers to this question. There are no right or wrong responses to it; we just share our lives with one another.

Most people will only ask this question to someone they know well or occasionally like, but it is not inappropriate at any time. It is even recommended before eating a meal or taking medication prescribed for you. The person being asked may find the question helpful in deciding how to respond.

This question is often followed by "How have things been with you?" which is also acceptable. It can also be followed by "What has happened to you?" or "What is new with you?"

People usually only ask about others' lives because they want to know how others are doing or what has changed in their lives.

What’s the best response to say to a girl?

It's a generic response, similar to "I'm OK" and "Thank you," but it's more realistic and less prevalent. This might be the reaction you want to provide if you want to create an impact on a female. However, be cautious since your tone of voice may give the impression that you're a cynic all the time.

The best responses to say to a girl are simple and direct. Don't overthink things and just be yourself. If you try too hard, you'll come off as a jerk.

What’s the first thing you should say to a girl online?

Ways to Say Hello:

  • Hi, how was your weekend?
  • Hey, how’s your week going so far?
  • Hi. What have you been up to lately?
  • Hey, how are things with you today?
  • Hi, any fun plans for the weekend?
  • Hi, I hope your week is going well.
  • Hi, how are you? 🙂
  • Hi there. How’s life treating you today?

How do you respond to a "great day" text?

It is polite to respond, "Thanks, you too!" at the end of a discussion if the individual says, "Have a wonderful day!" This communicates that you wish them a pleasant day as well. While responding with an emoji or GIF will get the message across quickly, it may not be appropriate for all situations.

If you are in a hurry, it's okay to simply reply with "Ya later!" or "L8r!" This means the same thing as before but is less formal.

If someone sends you a "great day" text and there is no further conversation, it is acceptable to respond with something like "Thnks!" or "Ttyl!" This means goodbye but is still more informal than the first option.

Finally, if they only say "Great!" or "OK!" then this means they are not interested in having a real conversation and you should leave them alone. It is not appropriate to send additional texts after this because it would be considered spamming.

So overall, text messages are easy to send and receive and can be used in place of a phone call to save time. However, things should be taken with caution because one word can change the entire meaning of your message. Also, sometimes just saying hello or goodbye is enough so use your judgment when sending messages through text messaging.

What is the best way to reply to have a nice day?

Very, if it is from a friend or someone you know, it is great, and you should react with a warm grin with any of the usual: hey, thanks, you too, so good, thanks, thank you, etc. Otherwise, use this formula: “Have a nice day!”

Now you know how to have a nice day.

How do you respond to the hope you had a good time?

You should respond, "Yes, I did have a nice time" or "Yes, I did have a good time." Don't say you had a great time or that it was fun. This statement is formal and doesn't show much enthusiasm.

If someone asks you how you responded to the hope that he had a good time, tell him or her what you said in response. For example, if you replied, "I didn't have a great time," then explain why not. Maybe the movie was bad or the food was average. Maybe the person sitting next to you kept kicking you under the table. Whatever the case may be, be sure to give a reason for your response other than "I just don't feel like responding to that hope."

Hope is when you expect something good to happen. When someone hopes for something good to happen, they are expressing their wish that it does. For example, if John wants Mary to come over tonight, he would express this hope by saying, "I hope Mary comes over tonight." Or maybe John wants Mary to call him back tomorrow. In this case, he would say, "I hope Mary calls me back tomorrow."

People usually want to hear about other people's hopes.

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