Is Scott Moir dating Jackie Mascarin?

Is Scott Moir dating Jackie Mascarin?

Scott Moir revealed his engagement to former skating partner Jackie Mascarin during a Canada Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The two athletes competed together on the Canadian ice dance team for eight years, winning three World Championships along the way.

They announced their split in April 2004 after discovering that they were both engaged to other people. After the break-up, Moir continued to compete as a single skater while Mascarin retired from competition.

Now aged 40, Moir is still active as a coach and choreographer and has been dating American ice dancer Alexa Scimeca Knierim since January 2015. They have one son together named Tatum James Moir who was born in November 2014.


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Is Scott Moir married to Tessa Virtue?

On Aug. 7, 2019. Scott Moir is engaged, but not to his long-time skating partner and fellow Olympic gold medalist Tessa Virtue. Moir mentioned his impending marriage during his statement, when he honored his aunt Carol, his longtime skating mentor. "I'm happy to announce I'll be marrying my best friend of 20 years," he said.

Moir and Virtue first met while competing on the same team in Edmonton at the 2001 World Championships. They were both 17 years old and had never before competed together. The pair was immediately attracted to each other's energy and charisma and began dating soon after they arrived in Canada. They became close friends as well as partners on the ice and went on to win three consecutive gold medals at the Winter Olympics for their country. In 2014, they decided to end their competitive career at the age of 34 to focus on their relationship. They have one son together named Tristan who was born in 2015.

Moir has said that he believes people will think he's "crazy" for marrying someone who has been his coach for so many years, but that doesn't matter to him. Instead, he just wants to make sure that everyone knows that he feels like he can't skate without Tessa anymore and that she's his reason for getting up in the morning.

Is Scott Moir still engaged?

Scott Moir has proposed to a previous skating partner who is not Tessa Virtue. Scott Moir is now single, and it has nothing to do with his 21-year skating partner, Tessa Virtue. Despite our romantic illusions, Moir has only had eyes for one lady all along: Jackie Mascarin. The two started dating in 1998 but broke up three years later.

However, they got back together in 2002 and were engaged for one year before calling it off. But they have been friends ever since and Moir even spoke at the funeral of Mascarin's father last year.

Mascarin also has a daughter named Madison who used to skate with Moir. After their breakup, she moved to California to pursue a career in acting. She has appeared in such movies as Fred Claus and Charlie St_Cloud.

Mascarin now lives in Toronto where she works as a choreographer on Dancing With The Stars. She also has a role on Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation as "Madison Mascarin".

In 2016, Moir visited Mascarin in Toronto to see her perform on Dancing With The Stars. The two then went out for dinner after the show and ended up staying up all night talking about old times.

It seems that Mascarin still has feelings for Moir even though they are both married to other people.

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