What book does Nico have and will he start dating?

What book does Nico have and will he start dating?

The Mysterious Oracle Nico eventually comes out and confesses to Will Solace about having a big crush on him, and the two begin dating. However, when Deke Rivers shows up in town with a gunshot wound, it turns out that he was the one who killed Nico's father and has been hiding out at Solace Ranch.

Now that Deke is in jail, Nico decides not to see anyone else but Will. But when Deke escapes from prison, everything changes for her...

Will and Nico meet up with each other again after several months have passed by and decide to get back together once and for all. However, when Deke finds out that they're getting back together, he goes into a complete rage and begins threatening them both if they don't break up immediately. When this happens, a mysterious woman named Anna appears and tells Will that she's responsible for saving his life when someone tried to shoot him earlier. She then tells Nico that she doesn't want anything to do with them and walks away. This makes Will believe that Anna is actually his mother and that she wants nothing to do with him now because she thinks he's dead.

After this incident, Will starts feeling guilty about breaking up with Nico even though he had no choice since she was involved with another murderer.

How did Nico di Angelo and Will Solace get together?

The Mysterious Oracle Nico eventually comes out and confesses to Will Solace about having a strong crush on him, and the two begin dating. Nico believes Will is drawn to Paolo because he is glancing at his arms. When Will asks Nico if he can do anything for him, he asks him to kill him.

Nico goes through with it, but not because he loves Will. He does it so that he can be with Paolo again. However, when Will doesn't die, Nico realizes he was only pretending to murder him and runs away heartbroken.

Later on, when Will is declared dead, he finds out that Nico has been hiding out in a monastery in India. There, they make up and begin dating again. However, when Will decides to return home, he finds out that Nico has been arrested for murdering Paolo. Heartbroken, he goes back to England where we last see him standing outside of Nico's prison cell staring at him.

End Scene.

When did Nico and Will start dating?

In The Hidden Oracle, it is revealed that shortly after Gaea's defeat, Nico eventually admits to Will that he has a significant crush on him, and the two begin dating, with Will fondly referring to Nico as his lover at one point. This comes as a surprise to many fans since they have never been seen together on-screen nor does their relationship appear to be anything more than friendly. However, in the novelisation of The Hidden Oracle, it is stated that their relationship goes beyond friendship because Will once saw them holding hands under the trees.

They first meet when Will arrives at Gaea's temple to find her injured and near death. Without thinking, he takes her hand and she wakes up just before she would have died. From then on, they start meeting up secretly at night to love each other rather than fight Gaea. In the end, they both die but they had finally found peace together.

Nico dies protecting Will from an attack by Gaea's children. Before he passes away, he tells Will that they will see each other again someday because they were meant to be together forever.

Will lives long after everyone else has disappeared from Gaia's world. He finds Nico's body lying next to his and believes that they have gone to paradise.

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