What do men look for in a woman?

What do men look for in a woman?

Most men say they want a woman who is educated, strong-willed, growth-oriented, and confident, and they may mean it when they say it, but the truth is that the majority of men are drawn to women who are emotional, bubbly, caring, warm, and flirtatious. "Men are visual creatures" is a common saying. That means that if a man is interested in you, he will try to get as much information about you as he can via his eyes. Does this sound like something you could understand? Men are attracted to beautiful women, but they also need to feel safe around us. We must be able to take care of ourselves and others.

The most important thing a man looks for in a woman is trust. He wants to know that you will always put him first, and that you can be counted on. Also, he needs to feel secure with you so that he can give out all his feelings and secrets. Last, but not least, he likes knowing that there's someone out there for him. He needs to believe that you will never leave or turn your back on him.

In short, men look for confidence, strength, beauty, and loyalty.

What do men want in a good wife?

While men sometimes fall victim to the misconception of valuing physical appeal in a possible wife, they prefer a woman who is grounded and comfortable in herself. Women rank maturity third on their lists of desirable characteristics in a husband. Become a Facebook friend of ForbesWoman now!

The top three traits that men look for in a wife are as follows:

1. A good wife is obedient to her husband. She gets this from God, not just because it's important to men but also because it is critical to women's long-term happiness. The Bible says that husbands must love their wives as themselves, which means that they need to treat them with respect and provide for their needs. However, this doesn't mean that women cannot argue or disagree with their husbands. In fact, arguing back and forth with your spouse will only cause tension between you. Instead, try listening to what your husband has to say and when he asks you to do something, do it without question.

2. Men want a good wife who is honest. It may sound simple enough, but most women think that lying is a necessary part of marriage. According to research, married people tend to tell fewer lies over time, especially those who have been together for many years. This is because when you tell a lie, it creates distance between you and your partner which can lead to problems later.

What kind of woman does a man need?

Most guys require a lady who values them for who and what they are. Consider what he is talented at and enthusiastic about, and be sincere in your encouragement. Don't pretend to feel something you don't in order to pique a man's attention. It's a touch old-fashioned, but some guys desire to be considered as heroes in some ways. If you don't believe me, watch how many times men will do things before they'll ask for help from others. It's a vulnerable thing for a guy to admit, but it's also an important one if you want to make him happy.

A guy needs a woman who can give good advice. A man wants to hear what you think about certain topics or situations he gets into. He needs to know that you can be trusted. A man also needs a woman who is easy to talk to - not only about serious matters, but also about something as trivial as what movie he should watch tonight. Lastly, a man needs a woman who loves him enough to accept him for who he is.

As long as he's never been married or never had any children he needs to feel needed and appreciated. A guy wants to know that you trust him enough to let your guard down around him. He needs to feel valuable in some way, whether it's by helping you out with a problem or just being there for you on those tough days.

The most important thing a guy needs is love. He needs to feel loved by you.

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