What does GSH stand for in online dating?

What does GSH stand for in online dating?

This is the most commonly used definition of GSH on online dating services like Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk, and Match.com, as well as in SMS and adult chat forums. More... Just for fun. GSH is commonly seen as a personal characteristic. When used in a complete phrase, GSH is treated as a noun. When used as a adjective, GSH has two common meanings: good at shopping and healthy (as in glutathione levels).

GSH first came into use on the Internet in 1994 when it was introduced by a group of computer scientists who were members of the Global Sociometer Project at the University of California, Irvine. They needed a short form for "good at shoppping", but weren't sure about the spelling so they just decided to use the first thing that came into their minds. This turned out to be "GSH". The project's leader, David Moore, says GSH was chosen because it was easy to type on keyboards at the time and it sounded cool.

The online dating community adopted GSH soon after it was invented. Today, GSH is widely used on dating sites to indicate if you are a good buyer or not. If you get many positive responses from other users, then you must be a good seller. If you don't, then you should probably look for another job.

There are other forms of shorthand used on dating sites, such as RS which means "relatively successful".

What does GSH stand for?


GSHGood Sense of Humour
GSHGunstar Super Heroes (gaming)
GSHGoshen, Indiana (Airport Code)
GSHGeorge S. Halas (Chicago Bears head coach)

Does G stand for girlfriend?

On online dating services like Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk, and Match.com, GF frequently refers to "Gay Female."

What is GSOH in dating?

Utilized by those searching for a new companion or sexual partner in newspaper and magazine advertisements: GSOH, I'd want to meet a fascinating female. Means "at the corner of H and O" in Spanish.

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What does SGL mean?

SGL stands for "Single." This is the most prevalent definition of SGL on online dating services like Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk, and Match.com, as well as in messages and chat rooms. It may also be used as an adjective to describe someone who is single; for example, his family was not happy with the state of their home so they invited a friend for dinner who was able to help them fix it up before they moved into it.

Some people might use SGL to indicate that they are looking for a single person without wanting to meet anyone's expectations about what kind of relationship they want. For example, if you were looking for friends but wanted to be able to date again someday, this might be indicated by using SGL instead of "BF" (boyfriend/girlfriend).

Other definitions of SGL include "No Interested Parties" or "Separate Legal Entities". Under this definition, someone who uses the SGL designation is saying that they are not interested in meeting anyone new, nor do they want their existing relationships to change. This would be useful if you were looking for new friendships but didn't want your current relationships to affect how others view you.

Finally, SGL can be used as an abbreviation for "Simultaneous", which means doing two things at once.

What can GF stand for?

"GF" stands for girlfriend. It is an acronym for a female romantic companion, although it may also apply to a platonic connection. The abbreviation is widely used by youngsters, but adults may also use it. The gf acronym got popular as the dating craze expanded. Gf can alternatively be written as "G/F."

There are many different ways to refer to multiple people simultaneously, and acronyms are one way of doing so. In this case, the letters "gf" are an acronym, meaning "good friend."

Acronyms are often used in communication where space is limited or familiarity with all involved is not required. For example, when sending emails to more than one person, it is easier to write "GF" instead of including each person's full name.

As well as being used by youngsters, the gf acronym is also used by adults who do not want their identity revealed. This is especially common on social networking sites where people feel more comfortable using abbreviations rather than typing out their full names every time they post something.

So, GF can be abbreviated into many different words, depending on what you want to call it. However, no matter how you choose to write it, "GF" always means the same thing: good friend.

What does LTR mean on speed dating sites?

Having antecedents reaching back to The slang ltr acronym and ltr abbreviation must be used. Have grown accustomed to the most recent dating site, notforplayers Attempting to define individuals whose top goal in whatever circumstance is london singles, part november 00, ltr only dating resource for jdate, ltr. Meaning long-term relationship. Definition of a long-term relationship A long-term relationship is a relationship in which both parties intend to stay together forever. Long-term relationships are most commonly found between married people, but they can also exist between people who aren't married. In today's society, many people take pride in being in a long-term relationship, while others see it as a burden. Whether you view it as a blessing or a curse, long-term relationships are important parts of many people's lives. In order to have a long-term relationship, you need to understand how different things can change over time.

There are two types of long-term relationships: committed and casual. In a committed long-term relationship, both partners are open to having the relationship last forever. They may believe that love is enough to keep the relationship going forever, even if one or both people become sick or old. In contrast, a casual long-term relationship doesn't have any expectations about how long it will last. It can be fun while it lasts, and when it ends, there's no hard feeling between two people who were just friends anyway.

What is a professional dating service?

A dating service for professionals is one that features members who have demanding work life. Members who work as attorneys, physicians, and other professionals are typically included. Most people who utilize these services want to find someone who shares their work ethic and financial security. Someone who can help them advance in their career or perhaps provide advice on how to handle the pressure of being a doctor or lawyer.

These dates tend to be more serious than those provided by traditional dating sites. The focus is on developing a long-term relationship rather than having many dates with different people.

There are several dating services that cater specifically to professionals. These services usually have a large database of members and can be useful if you aren't able to find anyone in your local area. They also offer various tools for members to use in order to make finding someone easier. For example, some services will send emails to all members when there is a new match. Others may have special weekly events where members can meet in person. Whatever it is that attracts you to these services, we hope that our list has helped you find something worth trying.

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