In what episode does Sam act like a girl?

In what episode does Sam act like a girl?

Make Sam more feminine. When Sam develops a crush on a boy at school who only likes girly-girls, Carly offers her a makeover. Similarly, Spencer believes that a female only likes him because of his tuxedo.

After getting made over, Sam goes to the dance with her new personality and behavior. However, when she finds out that her favorite singer is coming to town, she gets back in touch with her old self and runs away from home to join the crowd outside the venue where her favorite singer is performing. She returns home after realizing that she doesn't want to be a girl anymore.

Sam's mother dies during this episode and it causes him to act differently. When their mother dies, Sam and his sisters are taken in by their father's friend, Larry Bird (the same person who took care of Bob Hope when he was sick). While there, they get hit by a car driven by Greg Brady who has been sent by their father to bring them home. During the accident, their father dies too. After the funeral, Sam wants to stay with Larry but his sisters want to go home so they can get on with their lives. He eventually agrees to let them go home but not before telling them that they cannot tell anyone about what happened, especially not their friends or siblings.

What was the last episode of iCarly, Sam Girlier?

While the program had rebounded with the previous episode, "iWant My Website Back," "iMake Sam Girlier" exceeded even the finest episodes from late Season One. Carly plans a surprise birthday party for Sam and asks her pals to attend towards the end of another iCarly web-cast. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to win back Katie by getting her a special gift but things go horribly wrong.

It's worth mentioning that this episode is best watched after viewing iCarly's first season since some details are revealed about certain characters' pasts.

Also, this episode introduces us to two new characters who will play important roles in the future of the series: Ms. Darbus and Stanley Milgram. Ms. Darbus, played by Liane Curtis, is a highly respected teacher at Spencer's school who has been accused of sexual harassment by Mr. Turner. This creates a conflict between Spencer and her father because they both want Mr. Turner to regain his job. As for Stanley Milgram, he's a famous psychologist who does an experiment called the "Obedience Experiment." He wants to see how far people will go to obey someone else's command. This story line will come up again in later seasons.

The last episode of iCarly before its second season premiered on September 5th, 2009 was "iSam Girlier".

In what episode does Sam make the kids make shirts?

ISell Penny T-Shirts. ISell Penny T-Shirts. Spencer is seeing an Uzbek girl who doesn't understand English, while Carly, Sam, and Freddie sell a successful line of penny T-shirts.

Seddie and Seddie's relationship might also be viewed as a "opposites attract" one. Sam's affection for Freddie is shown in the Season 4 special iOMG when she unexpectedly kisses him at school during the "lock-in." This is the second time they've kissed, the first being iKiss.

What did Carly do to Sam in iCarly?

Carly takes Sam across the floor and sits on top of him, holding him down, after informing Freddie what Sam did. She won't leave him unless he pledges not to inform on Sam. Carly pretends to faint to distract their computer teacher while Freddie hacks into the school's computer through a T-5 line. Once inside, they find out that Mr. Gerson is actually an alien from another planet who captured humans to use as fuel for his spaceship.

They run away from the school, but are followed by the police. When they try to hide, they end up at the bottom of a cliff, where Mr. Gerson finds them. He tells them he will release them if they help him escape from Earth, so they go back inside the school and let him go. However, when Sam tries to tell Freddie what happened, she attacks him, saying that he can't be trusted anymore.

In the finale, it is revealed that Mr. Gerson escaped and is now living with Carly's family. Also, it is revealed that Freddie decided to move in with Sam because she can't trust anyone else anymore.

Overall, Carly betrayed Sam by pretending to be his friend until she found out he was innocent. Then she used this opportunity to get rid of him so she could have Freddie all to herself. Freddie also betrayed Sam by attacking him even though he saved her life. They had some kind of argument which led to Carly breaking up with them.

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