What happens if someone sells you something broken on offer?

What happens if someone sells you something broken on offer?

We highly advise you to inform local authorities if you have seen illicit conduct or a crime. The police will want pertinent information from you, such as the profile of the individual you communicated with on OfferUp. They may also ask you to provide any documentation that proves that the seller is who they say they are. You should not pay anyone until this has been done.

In some countries, for example, Canada, buyers can return products that weren't as described. In other words, if a seller claims an iPad mini is in perfect condition when it's actually broken, the buyer can return it. The retailer then has the option of either repairing or replacing the item. If they choose to replace it, they will usually reimburse you for the price of the device plus any shipping costs.

In other countries, such as United States, there are no laws protecting consumers against purchases that aren't as described. If you buy an item that isn't what you expected, you have two options: you can keep the item and seek compensation through the courts or return it for a refund. If you don't take action, you are giving up your right to sue.

In conclusion, if you buy an item that isn't as described, get all the details in writing before you part with your money.

What happens if you buy a stolen item from eBay?

When you notify the police, they will seize the item. You would have to return the item for a refund if you changed your issue from not received to not as described (but the police have it). Once you've contacted the police, you'll need them to contact Ebay, which I'm not sure how it works. But I'd recommend writing down the number of the case and keeping track of it that way you don't forget.

Also note that if you receive an item and it's been damaged during shipping, you have the right to refuse delivery of the item or reduce the amount you're willing to accept. In this case, you must notify eBay within two days of receiving the item.

They also advise you to keep a copy of the packing list for the item you're buying. When you make an offer, include a comment with the seller asking for specific details about condition of the item. Make sure to take clear photos and write a detailed description so that there are no misunderstandings once the item is delivered.

Finally, always check out the seller's feedback before you send money over the internet!

What happens if you sell a stolen item?

Selling stolen goods over state borders is punishable by a ten-year jail sentence under federal law. If you are a private person who is caught selling stolen items, you may have less to worry about than a pawn shop owner or swap meet seller. The police can arrest anyone who tries to sell stolen property and charge them with criminal possession of merchandise as well. If you are found guilty, you could be fined and/or spend some time in prison.

The first thing you should do if someone claims they have sold something stolen from you is to not pay any money until you have confirmed their claim. If it turns out that they were lying, you will not be responsible for anything. If you do give them money, you put yourself at risk of being charged with felony theft. Even if you are not convicted, the crime still carries a stigma that could hurt your future career and personal relationships.

In addition to prison time, people who sell stolen items can also be sued by the original owner. If you receive notice of such a lawsuit, you will be given time to respond before going to trial. The plaintiff has the burden of proving their case during this process, so they need to be able to produce evidence that the item was indeed stolen.

If you are accused of selling stolen items, it is best to talk to an attorney before you sign anything.

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