What happens in Season 3 of Living Single?

What happens in Season 3 of Living Single?

Khadijah has gone on a lot of dates, whilst Regine has been single for a long time. Scooter appears out of nowhere and proposes to Khadijah. Please try again later. Overton is given the opportunity to earn money by taking a half-court shot. Regine's handcrafted gown for a lavish dinner, but she had no idea it was designed as a rip away. They begin dating again, but this time around Regine knows that she deserves better than a man who goes around breaking her heart every six months. She ends things with Overton once again.

Khadijah continues to date several men, including Jerry from the first season. In the end, she chooses to go back to Spencer because he is "the one".

Scooter is drafted by the NBA's Chicago Bulls but decides not to play basketball anymore. He starts a business called The School of Rock & Roll, which becomes a huge success. Regine begins working at Scooter's school as his assistant principal. They start dating again, but this time around Regine knows that she deserves better than a man who goes around breaking her heart every six months. She ends things with Scooter once again.

Khadijah moves to Chicago to be near Spencer and they get married. A few years later, Khadijah finds out that she is pregnant!

Living Single returns for its third and final season on August 11th, 2003.

What happened to Season 5 Kuwtk?

Kris throws a massive housewarming party that spirals out of control as Kim moves into her new property. Kris plays yenta and puts Kim up on a blind date with a professional athlete in order to get Kim back into the dating scene. Kim had an unpleasant response to Botox. He never called back.

After this episode, it's presumed that Kris and Kim went their separate ways again, but we'll always have "The Party"!

What happened in Season 3 of Las Vegas?

Instead of formally condemning Monica, who wore it alone, Danny grudgingly hunts three alleged gem thieves against the clock. A allegedly magical magician is also an intriguing suspect. Meanwhile, Monica's costly efforts to persuade Deline to return to his manager role misfire until she picks a surprise replacement.

When the new guy, Jeff, shows up at the casino with his own team of thieves to steal the gems, things get really crazy. The thief who stole the jewels also killed one of their own men during the chase so he's now on the run too. It looks like there will be more murders if the thieves don't give them back. Who will die at the hands of the robbers?

You'll have to watch to find out!

What happens in the first episode of What I Like About You?

Holly treats Val to a night out while Jeff is away. The female connection, however, comes to an end when Hunter, a boy Holly wishes to date, makes a romantic push on Val. When Hunter's envious girlfriend, Sasha, arrives, the situation worsens. Jeff asks neurotic Val to be more spontaneous after the cheerleading incident. She agrees, only to break her promise later in the evening when she meets up with Holly again.

The first episode ends with everyone going their separate ways as Val heads off to meet up with Holly while Jeff goes to work and Hunter leaves for college.

Here's how IBLY begins: Val tells Jeff that she wants to have a little fun before he goes to work and that they should do something spontaneous. While driving around looking for someone to take advantage of, they run into Hunter who invites them all to go camping at his lake house. Not wanting to be left out, also invited are Sasha, who has been dating Hunter but is still mad about being replaced by Hunter when he dated Holly previously; and Holly's new boyfriend, Tom, who works at the radio station where she used to volunteer.

At the camp site, it becomes clear that Hunter is very wealthy and owns his own restaurant too. Also, there are several other young people present including one girl who seems to be in love with Hunter. She breaks down crying when he says he can't date anyone else because he loves him too much.

What happens in Season 2 of Kimi Ni Todoke?

Kimi ni Todoke's second season concludes with some fairly nice moments and wonderful memories, at least for those cheering for Sawako and Kazehaya. And, unlike Kent, who pursues anything in a skirt, or the other nameless females whose hearts have been crushed, Kurumi has no other options after Kazehaya. She will become a geisha to support her family!

However, there are also some problems that need to be resolved before things can move on. Most notably, Kurumi is still mad about Kazehaya leaving them and does not want to see him again. This causes some issues when she learns he is back in town. Even though they talk about it later, it seems clear that something else is going on between them. Then again, maybe I'm reading too much into things.

Anyways, despite all its problems, Kimi ni Todoke's second season is definitely worth watching if you enjoyed the first one.

What happens in Season 3, Episode 17 of Gossip Girl?

As the battle heats up, Nate apologizes to Serena and tells her that he's merely been spending time with Jenny to check up on her following her Agnes-induced drug trip. Jenny swoops in and takes Serena's photo, taking her out of the game, just as they're making up "and out." In response, Serena orders Blair to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, back at the Waldorf, Rufus is furious when he finds out that Chuck has taken off again and tracks him down at the library where he's reading about Mao Zedong in history class. When Chuck tries to explain himself, Rufus isn't having any of it and beats him up before kicking him out. Later that night, after talking things over with Lily, Serena decides she doesn't want to see or hear from anyone except for Blair. So, she leaves the city behind her and heads to her grandfather's old summer camp where she plans to have a good cry and figure out what she wants next. As she walks through the front gates, she sees Blair arriving with her father. The two girls share a look before Blair turns away. That night, at the party, everyone is shocked to see Serena arrive - even more so when she announces that she's leaving town. As she packs her bags, she hears someone come into the room. It's Blair who tells Serena not to be too hard on herself because she'll always be part of the family.

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