What is a platonic crush?

What is a platonic crush?

When you have a platonic crush, often known as a "squish," you desire to be in a close relationship with someone but there is no sexual attraction. Squishes are more prevalent among asexuals and demisexuals, although they can occur in anybody. They can sometimes last for years after coming off of a romantic relationship.

A platonic friend is the closest thing to having a romantic partner without any sexual tension. If you have a platonic crush on somebody, it means that you enjoy their company and would like to see them happy, but not sexually. You may feel jealous when you see your crush with another person or feel disappointed if they date someone else. But a platonic crush is different from a romantic love affair because there is no physical attraction involved.

People tend to think that you can't have one unless you have had a romance before. This isn't true - people have platonic crushes for friends, family members, teachers, celebrities, etc. Even if you have never had a romantic relationship before, you can still have a platonic crush. The only requirement is that you must want the other person to feel comfortable around you and appreciate what you do for them.

If you realize that you have a platonic crush, try not to let it affect your friendship. It's okay to admire somebody from a distance but don't expect to get more than just friendly feelings.

What are friend crushes called?

A platonic crush is sometimes referred to as a buddy crush or a squish. It's similar to having a crush, except instead of wanting to be romantically involved with someone, you want to be their buddy! You might have a buddy crush on someone because they're attractive, friendly, interesting, etc.

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What is a friendly crush?

The Friendly/Platonic Crush (also known as a "squish"): It's crucial to realize that strong sentiments aren't always romantic; they can also be platonic. Allowing yourself to trust someone and get close to them without necessarily having romantic feelings for them is a very unique experience. This person becomes your friend first and foremost, regardless of any possible romantic feelings you may have for them.

Here are the signs that your crush is a friendly crush: If he or she likes you too, then that means the feeling is mutual - and the only thing left to do is to take the next step!

If not, don't worry about it. Some people feel the same way about each other that you and I might feel about someone we like but who doesn't return our feelings. That's fine too - what's important is that you remain friends.

What is a squish crush?

A squish is a platonic version of a crush. You're not sexual or romantic, yet you experience butterflies and excitement when you chat to that individual. You look forward to seeing them and go out of your way to find them. You shine when you think about them, but just as a friend.

In other words, a squish crush is like a normal crush but without any physical attraction involved. It's basically friendship with benefits!

There are two types of squishes: female and male. Female squishes are women who have a deep appreciation for the qualities they share with their platonic friends. They may even go so far as to call themselves fans. Male squishes are men who enjoy the company of strong women. They may also call themselves fans if they respect and admire their female friends greatly.

Female squishes tend to be more emotional than physical. They feel love and affection towards their friends and often wish they could do more to show it. Male squishes, on the other hand, have no problem showing their feelings physically. They might give their female friends gifts or take them out on dates to show their appreciation.

Both female and male squishes enjoy being part of the friendship group and taking advantage of any opportunities that come their way. However, sexual intimacy is forbidden in platonic relationships. A female squash cannot sleep with her male friend and vice versa.

What does platonic attraction feel like?

Platonic attraction is a want to be friends with someone special, not "a desire to have friends in general." When in the presence of this someone, one may feel frightened or flustered. Aplatonic people are those who do not experience squishes or platonic attraction.

In other words, platonic attraction is feeling friendly toward someone you shouldn't even be thinking about. It's wanting them to be happy and staying away from things that would make them sad. It's knowing exactly what they want to hear you say and never saying it because nobody knows what will make them smile next. Most of all, it's believing that they're perfect just the way they are.

If you've ever felt something for someone but didn't act on it because you thought they might reject you, then you experienced platonic attraction. Even if you weren't sure you wanted anything more than friendship, there was still a part of you that liked them enough to want only good things for them. This isn't love, but it's more than friendship.

People often assume that all romantic relationships start as friendships. This isn't true - some come out of mutual respect while others emerge when one person shows an interest in the other. But no matter how they begin, all relationships need space to grow and change over time. Sometimes these changes are made clear through words, while others require more subtle signals.

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