What kind of shoes do the Sikhs wear?

What kind of shoes do the Sikhs wear?

Although many Sikhs prefer western fashions, many still wear the traditional Punjabi type footwear known as a Jutti. These are constructed of leather, include embroidery, and may have a curled toe. Both slippers in a set are initially similar and must be worn for a period of time to adjust to the left or right foot. Once this has been done, they can be used interchangeably.

The word "Jutti" is also used to describe any shoe that fits with a slipper-like attachment. These are commonly made from synthetic materials and are used by some Sikh women as an optional accessory to complete their attire. The feet that wear them usually have very large sizes because the aim is to be able to see what's going on under the footpath!

In British colonial Punjab, the word "Jutti" was also used to describe a type of shoe that was popular among workers in the carpet industry. These were flat sandals with a piece of thick rubber attached to the bottom. They were sold by dealers in small markets throughout India at low prices but could only be bought with cash because there was no way of inserting the heel into such a shoe.

In modern times, the Jutti has become synonymous with Sikhism due to the influence of the Singh family.

Do Sikh brides wear Mangalsutras?

It is similar to the mangalsutra worn by Hindu ladies and is worn around her neck. However, among Sikhs, the bride only wears this thread on exceptional occasions. Chuda (wedding bangles) are more important to Sikhs than any other symbol of marriage. A wedding without chuda is like a house without doors or windows - incomplete.

The tradition of wearing the mangalsutra dates back over a thousand years when it was first introduced by the Guru Nanak during the 15th century. He adopted it from the Hindus and began using it as a way of honoring his goddess wife Ruksana. The thread used for the mangalsutra comes from the gutkha plant which is found in some parts of India and has a sweet smell when burned. Today, many commercial brands sell threads that are supposed to be equivalent to the one used by the Guru.

Even though it is not compulsory for Sikh women to wear the mangalsutra, it is recommended that they should use an equivalent thread so that they do not cause disrespect to their husband if they cannot afford one.

There are different versions about why Sikh women stopped wearing them. Some say that it is because they were worried that if they wore it then their husbands might think that they were trying to imitate Hindu women which was not appropriate. Others say that after the 1947 independence war when India became a secular country, the practice died out.

What do they wear in Punjab?

The traditional outfit for Punjabi males is the kurta and tehmat, which is gradually being supplanted by the kurta and pajama, particularly in India's renowned muktsari style. The salwar suit has supplanted the traditional Punjabi ghagra as the customary women's attire.

In fact, the salwar kameez is now the most popular dress among the younger generation too! You will often see females wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but only when there is no conservative idea prevailing around them. When out in public, be sure to follow local customs and wear appropriate clothing depending on the weather and location. For example, if it is warm outside, you should not wear a kurta.

Also, remember that in Punjab, where the culture is very much based on decorum and etiquette, showing even an inch of skin is considered extremely vulgar and inappropriate! Even in home, the female torso should be covered up with a dupatta (or shawl) or sarong.

For men, the typical weekday outfit consists of a kurta with matching pants and a good quality leather belt. On weekends, people like to show off their lifestyle by wearing shirts with fancy buttons and embroidery, along with fine shoes.

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