Who does Spencer Reid date?

Who does Spencer Reid date?

Dr. Spencer Reid established a connection with Maeve, a woman he had never seen in person because she was afraid of a stalker, in Season 8. They started dating but broke up after a few months.

He later dated Kelly Parker for three years until she died in a car accident in 2004. Reid then went on to date several other women before marrying Suzanne Szmanda in 2007. They have one son together named William James Szmanda.

Reid has spoken about his wife's death and the effect it had on him. He said, "I didn't want to live anymore. I felt like my life was over. I couldn't get out of bed for a long time."

After six months of mourning, he decided to move forward with his life and married Suzanne in a small wedding ceremony just days after her funeral.

Spencer and Suzanne own a medical clinic in Vancouver where they treat patients who were injured in auto accidents.

Reid has also spoken about his addiction issues in the past. In an interview with Parade magazine, he said, "I used to do cocaine all the time.

What happens to Spencer Reid in Season 8?

Maeve was lost by Spencer Reid. Maeve's star-crossed love ended abruptly and tragically when she was kidnapped by a crazed ex-student. Her body was found near a dam where it had been discarded, but not before she had made a video diary that revealed her last moments on earth.

Reid spent months trying to find Maeve's killer, but without success. In the series finale, "The End Of All Things", he finds out that she is still alive and well thanks to a psychic who worked for the police department. They both go back in time to change history, leaving everyone including Maeve's former lover happy with their lives.

She then tells him that she has fallen in love with another man and wants to move to New York with him. Realizing this is what would have happened even if he didn't make the trip into the past, Spencer decides not to go after all. She says goodbye and leaves his life forever. He returns home to an empty apartment and closes the door behind him, ending the episode.

Spence later writes a book about his experiences entitled "Second Chance". The movie version came out in 2011 and starred Jim Caviezel as Dr. Spencer Reid.

Who is Reid’s girlfriend in Season 8?

Dr. Maeve Donovan: Dr. Maeve Donovan was a recurrent character on Criminal Minds who featured as SSA Spencer Reid's girlfriend in Season Eight. She first appeared in the season eight premiere "Status Quo", which aired on September 25, 2015.

Maeve is a forensic psychiatrist at the Baltimore Mental Health Institute who works with Reid on cases involving the criminally insane. She is also one of the few people who knows about Reid's other job as a federal agent. It is revealed in the episode "Ransom" that she is a native of Maryland and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Their relationship began when they were both working at the Bureau. When asked how he knew he could trust her, Reid said that everyone can be trusted not to do something crazy. He goes on to say that no one can be trusted not to feel something, which is why he doesn't work with partners. Later on in the episode it is revealed that she is pregnant and due in late February or early March of 2016. In the season eight finale "The Greater Good", it is revealed that she has been promoted to Chief Medical Examiner for Maryland and will be leaving the Bureau after giving birth.

Spencer Reid’s girlfriend is...?

Maeve Donovan was a recurrent character on Criminal Minds who played SSA Spencer Reid's girlfriend in Season Eight. She first appeared in the episode "Firewall" and was subsequently killed off in the season finale "Homecoming".

She is a medical student at Columbia University who joins the BAU as a crime scene photographer after her boyfriend, FBI Special Agent Spencer Reid, is murdered during an attack on their apartment building. Her father is a well-known surgeon while her mother is a professor of anthropology at Columbia University.

After joining the team, Maeve begins to learn about their cases through phone conversations with her parents back home in New York City. It also becomes clear that she is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

In the final episode of the series, "Homecoming", it is revealed that Maeve has been accepted into the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and will be leaving the BAU afterwards. In the closing moments of the episode, it is also revealed that she has been given her new identity as a federal agent and that her birthday is actually on December 4th rather than October 15th as stated in the opening sequence of the show.

Who does Spencer Reid kiss?

Reid and Maxine kiss at the end of the episode. After Reid suffers a brain injury, Maeve reappears as a vision in the series finale ("And in the End...").

Maeve kisses Spencer on the cheek before disappearing.

Did Spencer Reid die?

Reid was assassinated. When Reid's ex-girlfriend Maeve went missing, the BAU banded together to support him. During their downtime, the squad was prepared to go to any length to assist their friend. Despite the team's best efforts, Dr. Reid was killed by a young woman named Tanya Miller.

Maeve survived her encounter with Tanya and was taken in by another of Reid's friends, Scottie Ferguson. She eventually found her way back to the United States, where she lives a quiet life in California.

In February 2016, it was reported that Reid had been shot and killed at his home in Los Angeles. The police have not released any information about the cause of death or possible suspects.

Before he died, Dr. Reid made several attempts to contact either Maeve or Scottie to let them know what had happened. He never got a response from either one of them. It is believed that this may have caused him to suffer a complete mental breakdown.

Reid is being remembered by his friends and colleagues as a true hero who without hesitation would have given his life for someone he cared about. He will be missed dearly.

How old was Spencer Reid when his father left him?

He is regarded as a genius and a self-taught individual. Spencer Reid, the son of William Reid and Diana Reid, was born on October 28, 1981. He graduated from high school when he was twelve years old. His father abandoned him and his mother because he could no longer cope with her paranoid illness, among other things.

Is Spencer Reid realistic?

Spencer Reid is a fictional character played by Matthew Gray Gubler on the CBS detective drama Criminal Minds. Reid is a genius with an IQ of 187 and an eidetic memory who can read 20,000 words per minute. He is also the founder and leader of the FBI's original "Mind Crime Unit".

Reid was one of the first characters introduced in the series premiere along with Jennifer "JJ" Jareau (Lisa Cook). The two main characters work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the FBI where they use their skills to solve crimes that fall within the scope of forensic psychology. The unit is run by Special Agent Jason Blye (Daniel Henney), who recruits both agents and psychologists from all over the world to work together on cases.

Reid is a native of Toronto, Canada and graduated from George Brown College with a degree in criminal justice. He has been arrested several times for assault and armed robbery but claims he is innocent of all charges. His intelligence and photographic memory have helped him avoid conviction and he believes that his problems are due to police corruption. Despite this, he has managed to get along with other officers and prosecutors during court proceedings.

Reid started working at the BAU after being recruited by Agent Jareau.

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