Who is an industrious woman?

Who is an industrious woman?

The Industrious Woman: An industrious woman is one who works hard, enthusiastically, and devotedly. She is a productive citizen, and an important part of the community.

Industrious women have been admired since ancient times. The word "industrious" was used to describe women who were known for their hard work; it comes from the Latin industriosus, which means "full of labor". In Roman mythology, Industria (Latin for Industry) was a goddess who taught women skills that would help them find employment. She was also called Vesta, which means "worker."

In today's world, many people view female productivity as a negative thing. They think that women should be responsible for taking care of home and family, not working outside the home. However, the early Romans believed that women who worked hard and had skills to sell could be very successful at earning money. Some famous women who has been described as industrious include Mary Ann Smith, who at the age of 15 was making $500 a month as a stenographer; and Amelia Bloomer, who invented modern day pant suits for women.

How would you describe an industrious person?

When you characterize someone as industrious, you are referring to their hard effort. She was a hardworking and willing employee. Synonyms: hardworking, industrious, active, and occupied More "industrious" synonyms: useful, beneficial, expedient, effective, efficient, profitable, capable, and worthy

Industry is the quality of being energetic and productive; a person who is industrious is one who uses his or her time effectively and goes beyond what is required of him or her. In business, an industrious person is one who stays current with trends and finds new ways to improve efficiency and productivity. An industrious person is also known as a hardworker.

Related terms: laborious, arduous, tough, tough-minded, diligent, zealous, assiduous, attentive, careful, scrupulous, fastidious, honest, sincere, virtuous, pragmatic, practical, causal The word "industrious" is derived from the Latin industriosus, which means "active engaged in many activities." This view of an industrious person differs greatly from that of a lazy person. While laziness involves choosing not to work, industry implies a level of commitment to one's job. It is possible to be both lazy and industrious at the same time; one just doesn't hear this described as a good combination.

What does it mean for a woman to be industrious?

Adjective When you characterize someone as industrious, you are referring to their hard effort. Synonyms: hardworking, industrious, active, and occupied Additional Synonyms for "industrious" from the Free Online Dictionary. Definition of INDUSTRIOUS - done or performed without cessation for a long time; habitual Description: An industrious person is one who works steadily and assiduously.

A woman is industrious if she uses her time efficiently. It is not good for a woman to be idle, because this shows that she has nothing to do and therefore gets into mischief. If there is no work for her to do, she should make something useful to keep herself occupied. Only then will she not feel idle and would be able to function well with her family around her.

Industry is the quality of being industrious. Someone who is industrious will use their time effectively by doing a lot in a little while. They might also have many projects going on at once. An example of an industrious person is Franklin Roosevelt, who even during his four years as president kept up a busy schedule of speeches, meetings, and interviews. He did so much that they called him "the man who keeps us busy."

Some people think that being busy means that you are working hard. This is not true.

What is the root word for industrious?

1500 and straight from Late Latin industriosus, from Latin industria "dilligence, activity" (see industry). It keeps the etymological connotation of the Latin term, while industrial functions in current senses: industriously, industriousness. English has no single word that combines these two meanings.

The opposite of industrious is lazy, which comes from the Old French lazie, laicce, from Latin laxus "loose, idle," perhaps based on the sound of the word or possibly through association with lax, open-minded.

Lazy also comes from Latin lābēs, female name Laxa; see page 2.

The word is first found in English in 1515, but it is probably related to lahz, which means "to be busy" and appears in some Scandinavian languages.

It's possible that industrious comes from Lithuanian indus, a person who is diligent or Ukrainian Indian - dzhundrosh't, someone who is hardworking.

There are other words that combine industry and diligence. For example, faithful means thoroughly committed to something believed in or trusted, and diligent means working hard and carefully.

These two pairs of opposites show that people use words to describe different qualities.

What is a self-made woman?

A woman who has gained riches, position, etc., via personal effort or hard work rather than by chance of birth, particularly one from a low-income family. This does not mean that she cannot also be from a wealthy family, just that she worked to get where she is today.

This term was coined by American author and journalist Henry Louis Gates Jr. in his 1987 article "Up From Slavery: How Alice Walker Turned Her Life Story Into a Movement". In it he used the story of black civil rights activist Alice Walker to illustrate what it means to be a self-made woman. At the time of writing, Walker was widely regarded as a force for social change in the United States; her book The Color Purple is considered a landmark work in African-American literature.

Gates wrote that Walker was born into slavery but became one of the first women to publish a best-selling novel (The Color Purple). She went on to become an influential voice in the fight against racial inequality and poverty. "Up from Slavery" was praised by critics as a useful tool for understanding the importance of character building in achieving success in life. However, some people viewed it as an example of black empowerment through achievement instead of inheritance, which was not favored by some members of the black community.

What do you call a female craftsman?

A "craftsman," according to its definition, is "a worker skilled in a specific craft" (OD 2012). While some may claim that this is a universal term, the dictionary acknowledges that it is not and lists 'craftswoman' as the female equivalent.

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