Who killed Raynare?

Who killed Raynare?

Azazel dispatched Issei to keep a check on Issei. She disguised herself as Yuuma Amano, a human, and married Issei. However, towards the end of their first date, she defied Azazel's commands and murdered him of her own volition. Later on, when summoned by Azazel again, she fought against him but was defeated by his power.

Now with Azazel dead, Issei has taken over the role of protecting humans from demons. Radan has decided to start a new life away from the church under the name Akira Fudo.

That's all we know about Raynare so far...

Did Raya kill Sisu?

When she accidentally kills Sisu because Raya sees her poised to fire on the dragon, Namaari initially rejects culpability, claiming that Sisu trusted her even if Raya didn't. Raya, against all logic, agrees and resolves not to kill Namaari in order to avenge her father or the dragon. It's illogical. It doesn't make sense.

However, when Sisu's body is found by Oki, he believes that she was killed by Raya and vows to bring her to justice. When Oki confronts Raya, she admits to shooting Sisu but claims it was an act of mercy since Sisu was going to shoot the dragon. Intrigued, Oki asks why she wouldn't want to kill Sisu then, which causes Raya to become enraged and attack him. This prompts Namaari to use her power to save his friend by killing Raya instead.

In the end, it is revealed that Sisu survived the incident with Azagawa due to her mother being a descendant of the Dragon Clan who could heal at lightning speed. As long as she remains alive, there will always be hope for redemption from Raya who has been given a second chance.

Did Raylan have Arlo killed?

Raylan later hears that Arlo died as a result of his injuries and leaves the Marshal's office to collect his father's body. Raylan stops by Dixie Mafia member Wynn Duffy's trailer on his route to another prison with former Harlan County Sheriff Hunter Mosley. He tells them that Arlo is dead and they go their separate ways.

Later, at a casino in Lexington, Kentucky, we find out what happened to Raylan after he left the Marshal's Office. It appears that he has become an agent for the FBI's Transnational Criminal Task Force. At the task force's request, Raylan travels to Florida to investigate a crime scene that has ties to the Dixie mafia. While there, he meets with local law enforcement officials and other agents from the federal government to discuss the case. After the meeting, Raylan goes to a hotel room where a man named Viktor Navicko is staying under an assumed name. When Navicko sees that it is not him who has been sent by Arlo to kill him, he tries to run away but is shot by an unknown person outside the window. As he lies dying, Navicko names Raylan as his shooter.

After the death of Navicko, the task force asks Raylan to go undercover again and work with local authorities to arrest several criminals including Dickie Bennett, one of Arlo's top men.

Why did Ray kill Belikov?

Belikov wants Ray to assist him in getting the body to the dock so that it may be shipped back to Russia for disposal. Ray follows him, but the goal isn't to get rid of the girl's corpse. He can no longer bear the injustice, so he kills Belikov in the face and places his body in a container. Then he calls the police, tells them where the body is, and leaves the scene.

Later that night, when Ray is in his hotel room, packing his things, we find out that Belikov was not alone at the docks. A young Russian woman has been hiding there all along. She claims that she is an orphan who has taken care of the dead man's affairs until she can go to the United States. The last thing she asks is for Ray to help her escape from Russia. When asked why she stayed behind, she says that she owes it to the world to tell the truth about what happened that day on the docks years ago.

At first, Ray doesn't believe her. But after she shows him evidence such as photographs and documents, he realizes that she is telling the truth. So he helps her escape from Russia by giving her money and a passport. After she is gone, he goes back to the hotel and checks out of his room. As he is leaving, he sees someone watching him from across the street. It is the young Russian woman who had been at the docks with Belikov.

Who did Tariq kill?

... Tariq shot Ray Ray (Marcus Callender) in the back of the head for killing his sister Raina in Power Season 4, Episode 10. (Donshea Hopkins).

Tariq then went on to shoot another man in the back, Ernest (Lance Reddick), who he believed to be responsible for Ray Ray's death. When Ray Ray's body was found, it revealed that he was in fact still alive. Enraged by this discovery, Tariq shoots and kills Ernest too. Satisfied with his work, Tariq rides off into the sunset.

Tariq first appeared in Power Season 4, Episode 10 "The Day After Tomorrow".

Who did Arisa kill?

It is here that we learn about the mole within. The Liquidators have informed Gleb about Bars' intentions, telling him that he must murder them in order to finally quiet them. Arisa informs Alla that she lied to Varlamov and that she has actually murdered two people, admitting to murdering Sergei. Alla tells her that this makes her no different than Bars, but Arisa replies that she will be used as an example. Later on, Gleb finds Varlamov at his laboratory and asks him why he killed Serzhant Pavel. Varlamov admits that he was going to tell Gleb that it was because of the money, but then decides not to after all and shoots him instead.

Arisa is taken into custody by the police and they ask her who her victims are. She refuses to say, but when they bring in both of their bodies, she breaks down and confesses that it was really Bars and Sergei who died. Then, a detective comes in and tells her that there has been some progress with the case and that she should know that someone else is dead too. He does not reveal who it is, but says that he knows that she did not do it alone.

Later on, Alla visits Arisa in prison and tells her that she has decided to quit being a mole too. They hug and cry together before parting ways.

Who kills Sylar in Heroes?

Hiro Sylar ignored it and went to confront Peter. But, as Isaac's comic anticipated, it was Hiro who stabbed Sylar and supposedly murdered him in the Season 1 finale. Sylar was discovered alive and well. It wasn't long before he came upon Maya and Alejandro. Impressed with his ability to heal himself, they took him under their wing and taught him how to use his powers.

In season 2, we find out that Sylar is not only alive but also a killer on a mission to destroy those who destroyed him. He captures Claire and takes her to an abandoned building where he intends to kill her too but stops when he sees that Matt has found her. Angry at being used again, Sylar attacks Matt but is no match for him. Before he can fight back, however, Alejandro shoots him in the head with one of his needles. When we next see him, he has healed completely and is on his way to stop an earthquake that is about to devastate Los Angeles.

Sylar's death at the hands of Isaac Mendez in season 3 brings us into present day where we learn that it was actually Mr. Mosely who killed him. Mosely had been hired by a man named Charles Deveaux who wanted to use Sylar's abilities to create a world where everyone gets what they want. When this failed, Deveaux decided to go ahead and try it himself.

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