Why are BTS not allowed to date?

Why are BTS not allowed to date?

Historically, K-Pop idols were not permitted to date. Big Hit Entertainment musicians have frequently spoken out about the rules they must obey. There is no indication on whether the "no-dating" provision is indeed in the BTS contract, according to Seventeen...

Is BTS allowed to date until 2020?

BTS members have been speculated to be dating, however they are all presently single. Some K-pop musicians' management agencies ban them from dating. It's unclear whether this is why all of the BTS members are single. However, since their debut in 2013, all but one of the groups has had at least one member leave the band before the end of their contract.

It's possible that BTS will continue to date despite already having signed contracts with Big Hit Entertainment. In fact, several other K-pop bands have done the same thing. When asked about his own marital status, leader RM commented, "We're not married nor are we going to get married." He later added, "I think most people assume that we're married because we have no choice in the matter but that's not true."

He also said there was no specific time limit on how long they can stay together under contractual obligations. However, he did mention that if they were to sign another contract after their current one expires, then that would be the end of it. He also said that if they ever wanted to get married, then now would be the time but that they aren't pressured into anything they don't want to do.

BTS's manager Bang Si-hyuk has also mentioned that if any of the members were to marry, then it would probably happen after their contracts expire.

Why can’t BTS have girlfriends?

BTS members are unlikely to engage into any partnerships for a long time. That's because K-pop groups aren't often permitted to date, and if they do, they may be barred from disclosing the facts. In fact, it's not unusual for artists to trade relationships back and forth between each other.

It's also difficult for BTS to find the time to date since they're always on tour or busy filming a new episode of their show. Also, most K-pop groups are made up of young people, so they usually work long hours rehearsing and performing. There just isn't much time left over for dating.

However, some BTS fans have speculated that Jimin, one of the group's musicians, may have been involved in a relationship with actress Jung Hyeon-ae. The two seemed quite close during BTS' last concert in Seoul before their world tour began in January 2019. They even shared a kiss on stage which caused many fans to believe that they had already started dating prior to this event.

Furthermore, Jung Hyeon-ae was seen wearing Jimin's jacket after the concert which led some fans to speculate that they were indeed together.

However, neither party has confirmed these rumors thus far.

Does JYP allow dating?

JYP takes a different approach. His heroes are barred from dating him for three years. They are not permitted to date for three years following their debut. As a result, followers are fiercely protective of their celebrities and oppose their dating. There have been rumors that JYP has been dating actress Jung Hye-sung but they cannot be confirmed due to their hero-barrier policy.

Does BTS have a dating ban?

BTS has not received any dating bans from their organization, Big Hit Entertainment, since their debut. Members may also use their own cell phones. However, some countries/regions may have restrictions on what musicians can do with their phones so check your local laws before downloading music apps.

Is GOT7 allowed to date?

JYP Entertainment used to prohibit its performers from dating for the first five years after their debut. However, the term was eventually reduced to three years. The lads of GOT7 have gotten around that policy, but nothing is known about their personal dating life. Don't expect anything to come out of nowhere anytime soon.

Got7's management company has also stated that it does not want its artists to get married during their career because marriage can affect a person's ability to work. This means that if any of the boys do marry someone later in life, we won't hear about it first from them.

In 2014, when asked if there was a girl he liked, Bizzy replied that there was one but she was already married. He went on to say that he wasn't going to break anyone's heart by saying that she was his manager so he didn't want to upset her even though he found her attractive.

GOT7's CEO Lee Chang-min said in 2016 that his agency doesn't want its stars to get married because they think it will affect their careers. He added that if any of the boys do get married, they'll be given permission by JYP first before they can date other women.

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