Why did Angela go broke?

Why did Angela go broke?

Andy Bernard's When she and Andy began dating, it was discovered that Angela had been cheating on Andy, however Andy was too ignorant and preoccupied with impressing his bride to notice. When he did, he understood Angela's unethical behavior was truly horrifying, and he ended their relationship. After losing her job, Andy's jealous nature returned, and he didn't allow Angela to work.

Angela Burgess is a con artist who has been stealing from old people since she was a young girl. She uses this money to live off as she goes from city to city, always looking for new ways to scam wealthy individuals. In addition to being a cheat, Angela is also a liar: when Andy found out about her previous marriage, he knew right away that there must have been some kind of mistake or someone was lying. However, because of his ignorance and lack of attention, he just ignored this fact and started planning their wedding day together.

When Andy finally realized what kind of woman he was marrying, they were already set to leave on a honeymoon trip to Paris. However, because of her numerous scams, Angela had no money to pay for the flight tickets or for a hotel room once they got there. As soon as Andy found out the truth, he flew back home to Michigan empty-handed. From that moment on, he refused to talk to Angela or even look at her again.

Did Angela love Andy?

However, during the fourth season, Angela and Dwight had split up after he murdered her cat, and she had started dating Andy. Even if Angela did fell for Andy's charms, it's difficult to extinguish a flame like Angela and Dwight's. Also, remember that Andy was a sales representative, so he would have been on the road a lot.

They ended up getting married in the season four finale.

Andy turned out to be a bad guy who kidnapped Angela and tried to blackmail Dwight into giving him money. When this failed, he sold Angela down the river.

It turns out that Andy was using Dwight as a cover. He was actually planning to rob P&G of all its cash assets by breaking into the office during the night. However, when Angela called and told him that she was being held prisoner in the basement, he decided not to go through with it. Instead, he dumped her off at the bus stop and ran away.

Here is where things get a little confusing. It appears that Andy still loves Angela even though she left him. In fact, he tries to win her back several times but fails miserably each time.

Also, note that everything that Andy does is for the purpose of getting closer to Angela.

Who does Angela fall in love with?

In the Season 4 episode "Dunder Mifflin Infinity," Angela breaks up with Dwight over his choice to euthanize one of her animals. Dwight is devastated by the break-up. Angela begins revenge-dating Andy right away, which leads to an engagement, although it is evident that Angela still loves Dwight. They eventually get back together at the end of the season.

In the final episode of the series, "Pam's Replacement", it is revealed that Angela has married Dwight and moved to Scotland with him. She leaves behind a note saying "Sorry, can't do anything about this place."

She returns for Dwight's wedding to Jane Lynch. At the wedding, she tells everyone that she and Dwight are still happy and they have not had any problems since she left.

She also mentions that she is now the manager of the office of accounts payable department at Dunder Mifflin. She says that she cannot stay for dinner because there is no where to go in Scotland except for pubs or restaurants that serve food. She then hugs Pam and tells her that she will see her in court if she sets foot in Pennsylvania again.

Angela is a fictional character created by Stephen King for his horror novel, Needful Things. However, after finding out that he would be able to make more money if he had his own TV show, King decided to create his own version instead. Thus, Angela was born!

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