Why do Jekyll and Hyde hate each other?

Why do Jekyll and Hyde hate each other?

After this time, Jekyll and Hyde form an odd friendship. They despised each other. Jekyll despised Hyde for his absolute wickedness and control over him. He was also terrified that Hyde might do even more heinous acts, which is when he thought of a method to stop Hyde—commit suicide. He bought a large supply of chemicals and killed himself. After his death, Hyde disappeared.

Some people think that because Jekyll did not love himself, he could not love others enough to sacrifice himself for them. But I think he realized that if he didn't stop Hyde, someone else would have to take care of the problem and that could only be bad for everyone involved. So he committed suicide instead.

Hyde on the other hand, hated Jekyll with a passion. Even after his friend's death, he continued to seek revenge against him. However, since Jekyll had no family left to worry about, Hyde decided to move on with his life.

Years later, Hyde became obsessed with Dr. Jekyll's daughter. She had inherited her father's traits of being strong-willed and independent. Because of this, Hyde began to harass her until she moved away from home. At first, he just sent her letters full of creepy comments and photos. But when that didn't work, he went as far as breaking into her house and stealing items that belonged to her father.

How does Jekyll explain his fascination with Hyde?

Jekyll sees Mr. Hyde as the ideal vehicle for his wicked tendencies. Unfortunately, he got infatuated with his other side to the point where he lost control, allowing Mr. Hyde to come anytime he wished. Mr. Hyde has a hold on Jekyll that grows stronger with each passing day.

Jekyll's love for Hyde is evident from how he describes him: "I believe in Hyde. I accept him. I give him my soul daily."

Hyde was actually a separate person inside Jekyll, and it is this other person who gets released when Jekyll transforms himself into Mr. Jekyll. Mr. Hyde then takes over and causes all kinds of mischief - until the next transformation scene.

The first time we see Mr. Jekyll he is sitting in a chair with a knife beside him. He starts cutting off his hair, which turns out to be Henry Jekyll. This is how Mr. Jekyll becomes aware of his hidden identity. From then on, he spends every night changing into Mr. Jekyll before going to sleep, so that in the morning he can start the process again.

Mr. Jekyll tells Dr. Lanyon that someone is trying to kill him, and that he must change clothes quickly or risk being caught by his employer.

Did Mr. Hyde despise Dr. Jekyll?

Mr. Hyde was completely wicked, whereas Jekyll was a mix of good and evil. Dr. Jekyll was reviled by Dr. Hyde. Indeed, it is suggested that it is for this reason that he created him in the first place.

Hyde hated Jekyll with a passion and tried to kill him several times. In fact, it is believed that he killed him once before they met. However, Jekyll always survived their encounters. It wasn't until years later that they crossed paths again when Jekyll invented a formula that would transform itself into its duplicate copy. He planned to use this potion on himself but didn't complete the process. Instead, he gave the potion to Hyde who used it to transform himself into his evil twin. When Jekyll found out about this, he went insane and died soon after.

Now, remember that I said that both men were good at heart? Well, it's possible that even though Hyde despised Jekyll, deep down he felt sorry for him. Maybe he saw something good inside him that nobody else did. Or maybe he just wanted to be loved...

Why does Jekyll kill Hyde and himself?

Hyde's wickedness gets increasingly obvious as the narrative unfolds. Finally, when Jekyll commits suicide in try to rid himself of Hyde (suicide is considered an evil act by the church), Hyde becomes the dominating evil personality, and the dying Jekyll becomes Hyde in the final death throes. This explains why all the stories about Hyde focus on his terrible deeds; they're actually flashbacks to moments in Jekyll's life.

Jekyll's goal was to become a doctor, and it's possible that he created Hyde to test if he could succeed in doing so. If he succeeded, then perhaps future doctors could use him as a guide; if not, then he would have continued searching for ways to make himself better.

Either way, Hyde ended up winning, which isn't surprising given that he's a monster who knows no moral code other than greed and violence. He must have enjoyed killing because there are times when Jekyll says or does something that leads us to believe that he was also a murderer; for example, when Jekyll admits to killing a man who attacked him during one of his experiments.

So, yes, Jekyll killed Hyde because there were times when Hyde proved to be too much for Jekyll to handle. The good doctor wanted to become a doctor, but instead he became what we now know as Hyde.

How did Dr. Jekyll describe Mr. Hyde’s feelings for him?

What would Jekyll say about Mr. Hyde's affections for him? Hyde, according to Jekyll, detested him. He withdrew inside Jekyll's body to avoid the gallows, but he despised it. It was an ordeal to which he was not accustomed and against which his ordinary instincts of self-preservation were powerless.

Hyde wanted nothing to do with Jekyll; instead, he used his friend's good reputation to commit crimes while he himself ran from the police. However, despite their differences, Jekyll felt a strong bond with Hyde and tried to protect him. When asked by a reporter about Hyde's feelings for him, Jekyll replied: "Hyde has no feelings. I love him as myself."

In conclusion, Mr. Hyde hated Dr. Jekyll and refused to be loved by him.

Who is more evil? Jekyll or Hyde?

However, Jekyll's personality has changed. Hyde was essentially a sociopath—evil, self-indulgent, and completely indifferent to everyone but himself. Initially, Jekyll was able to manage the changes, but in his sleep, he became Hyde involuntarily. At this time, Jekyll vowed to stop transforming into Hyde. However, with each passing day, the temptation to transform becomes stronger.

Hyde is considered one of the most terrifying villains in literature because of his unpredictability. No two people will ever experience Hyde exactly the same way. His nature is pure violence; there is no good in him whatsoever.

Some say that Hyde is nothing more than Jekyll's shadow, while others believe that they are one and the same person only seeking relief from their suffering. No matter what interpretation you place on it, it is clear that Hyde is a very dangerous man to know.

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